“Design is where science and art break even.” 

— Robin Mathew, Designer


Battle.Net Launcher

Personal Project, 1 Month

  • Designed an alternative version of the Battle.net launcher using Figma.
  • Planned design process.

Freetail Hackers 

Outreach Organizer, 5 months

  • Collaborated with design team to develop optimal user outcomes for the HackTX 2022 event.
  • Developed interpersonal skills and teamwork competencies.

UT-Oxford Project

Policy Coder, 4 months

  • Developed familiarity of data collection processes and methods of analysis.
  • Enhanced knowledge of large-scale project management.

My Tactics for Successful Design


By laying a foundation of understanding, we can tackle how to approach UX/UI in a way that creates an engaging, comfortable, and functional environment for our users.


Research is key to the implementation of evidence-based and reliable results through which user satisfaction (and retention, if needed) will be successfully maintained.


Experience using CSS, HTML, and Javascript languages enables design teams to work effectively in order to synergize high-quality production outcomes. Collaboration is key in the design process.


As Don Norman observed, implementing successful design does not just involve incorporating user needs, but also involves attending to the stories we want the things in our lives to tell others.


Human Development and Family Sciences, B.S.A.

The University of Texas at Austin, 2021-2025

(In Progress)


  • applying design principles
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • human psychology and behavior
  • time management
  • organization


  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • R-Studio
  • Microsoft Excel


  • Basic HTML
  • Basic Javascript
  • Basic CSS
  • Basic Python


  • Introduction to UX and UI Design (Uxcel)
  • Responsive Web Design (Freecodecamp)
  • Social/Behavioral Research with Human Subjects (CITI)
  • Code Foundations (Codecademy)

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